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Wireless Surround Speaker System with Scavenged Smart Speakers and Open Source Software

(There are so many ‘S’s in the title.) Scream is an open-source virtual network sound card for Windows. It sends uncompressed sound PCM data over multicast (hence ‘scream’) UDP or optionally unicast UDP packets. Even though uncompressed, the bandwidth of… Continue Reading →

A Short Circuit in Hotend Heater Could Ruin Your Makerbot Electronics, Thoroughly.

The other day I was printing with a Wiiboox C300 whose electronics is very similar to Makerbot Replicator 1 (a modified Mightyboard, Rev. E I think). Not long after the printing started, I suddenly found the machine went quiet, with… Continue Reading →

Elegantly Stream Video or Audio From ANY Source You Can Think Of

  My initial intention is to remote control my Electone in my home from my school. That requires streaming Electone’s sound to my PC at school. The remote part is pretty easy: send a Raspberry Pi with a Cirrus Logic Audio… Continue Reading →

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