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Configure isc-dhcp-server to Network Boot Your Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi 3B, 3B+, 2B v1.2 and 4 (bootloader modification needed) are able to boot from wired network, thus possibly eliminates the need for an SD card. The process of setting up dnsmasq to provide DHCP service to network boot… Continue Reading →

A Step-by-step Guide to Building a Diskless Linux Cluster

Intro A diskless computer is a computer, as the name suggests, without disks. Typically it will grab the programs it needs to run over a network instead of a dedicated storage device. A diskless cluster consists of multiple diskless computers,… Continue Reading →

Wireless Surround Speaker System with Scavenged Smart Speakers and Open Source Software

(There are so many ‘S’s in the title.) Scream is an open-source virtual network sound card for Windows. It sends uncompressed sound PCM data over multicast (hence ‘scream’) UDP or optionally unicast UDP packets. Even though uncompressed, the bandwidth of… Continue Reading →

Linux VNC Remote Desktop with GPU Acceleration

Before we start, this method works by sending whatever on the display to a VNC client, so it can’t handle multiuser login. Yet it’s an open-source solution and works great on a headless server. Install I strongly recommend using a desktop… Continue Reading →

Creating a YubiKey-encrypted Arch Linux Installation

Image from Wikimedia Commons. In this tutorial, we will create an Arch Linux installation whose root partition is encrypted with YubiKey HMAC-SHA1 challenge-response module. The final result looks like this: You will be asked to have a correct YubiKey inserted into… Continue Reading →

Make Your Network Service Listen on Multiple Ports with iptables

I want my OpenVPN server to listen on multiple ports, e.g. port 3000 to 4000, for some reason. I searched for a solution and the answer I got was basically “just run 1001 instances”. It’s not practical obviously. But from my… Continue Reading →

DIY Home Security System with Raspberry Pi: A Step-by-step Guide

Four weeks ago I adopted a baby cockatiel. As a first-time bird owner, I’m often too anxious about the health condition of my birdie, as I’ve read that birds are prone to many household hazards and are notorious for hiding critical… Continue Reading →

Enabling Bluetooth Headset A2DP Profile under Arch Linux with Gnome Display Manager

After some struggle, I finally managed to connect my SBH20 Bluetooth headset with my Thinkpad X250 running Arch Linux. But the headset refuses to switch to A2DP profile, instead, it only wants to work in HSP/HFP profile, leaving error message:… Continue Reading →

Configuring OpenVPN Service on Debian 9: A Walkthrough

You might need this if you are unfamiliar with systemd as I am. Note the consistency of <profile-name> and the choice between client and server. Install OpenVPN using apt: # apt install openvpn Put your configuration file in a specific… Continue Reading →

A Short Circuit in Hotend Heater Could Ruin Your Makerbot Electronics, Thoroughly.

The other day I was printing with a Wiiboox C300 whose electronics is very similar to Makerbot Replicator 1 (a modified Mightyboard, Rev. E I think). Not long after the printing started, I suddenly found the machine went quiet, with… Continue Reading →

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