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Elegantly Stream Video or Audio From ANY Source You Can Think Of

  My initial intention is to remote control my Electone in my home from my school. That requires streaming Electone’s sound to my PC at school. The remote part is pretty easy: send a Raspberry Pi with a Cirrus Logic Audio… Continue Reading →

Connect Your Electone and PC Elegantly via TO HOST Port

Notice: Skip this blog if your Electone or MIDI device has a USB TO HOST port. In this case, just connect with a USB Type B cable. After learned some basic electronics in university, I was so surprised when I found that… Continue Reading →

Repairing LaTeX for WordPress Plugin after Upgrading to PHP 7

Several days ago I did a distro upgrade on this server and the PHP packages was upgraded to version 7.0. Then I noticed this site’s homepage is broken: Only one column can be displayed. I was suspecting my Baskerville theme at… Continue Reading →

Learn more about Electones’ EVT files

Introduction MDR_<two_digits>.EVT is a kind of file that appears in MDR Floppy Disks used in YAMAHA EL Series Electones, along with a MDR_<the_same_two_digits>.B00. The files’ main functionality is to provide automatic Registration shift while you are playing. Also, in songs… Continue Reading →

Elegant Abaqus: Handing Over Abaqus Computing Task to a Remote Linux Computer

Some times it’s preferable that you run analysis job on a remote supercomputer while doing modeling and visualization on a tiny laptop. Here shows an example of how to setup. I will use Abaqus 2016 as an example, but the method… Continue Reading →

Installing LyX with existing TeX Live on Ubuntu 16.04

Since I’m so paranoid about the up-to-dateness of my tools, I want to install LyX from their official PPA and TeX Live from CTAN and let them work together. But LyX tend to depend on TeX Live from Ubuntu repository, so… Continue Reading →

Half Bridge Circuit of HOBBYWING FLYFUN 12AE Electronic Speed Controller

An Electronic Speed Controller is a brushless DC motor controller commonly used in model airplane, boat and car, typically sensorless. The driver circuit consists of three half bridges to generate 3-phase AC voltage over three terminals of BLDC motor. The… Continue Reading →

A better way of estimating derivatives from discrete-time signal?

A question jumped into my head while processing data from MEMS sensors and Vicon: Is there any better ways of estimating first-order derivative of a function using samples at a fixed time interval, i.e. a “table”? To be precise, suppose we… Continue Reading →

Toward Internet security: a practical guide to OpenVPN tunneling.

Abstract This article presents a brief, step-by-step guide of setting up an VPN server which relays all your Internet traffic in a secure way so that you can surf the Internet as if you are at your server’s location, with… Continue Reading →

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