You might need this if you are unfamiliar with systemd as I am. Note the consistency of <profile-name> and the choice between client and server.

  1. Install OpenVPN using apt:
    # apt install openvpn
  2. Put your configuration file in a specific directory:
    # mv <profile-name>.conf /etc/openvpn/[client,server]/<profile-name>.conf
  3. Enable the configuration file in systemd:
    # systemctl daemon-reload # not sure if necessary
    # systemctl enable openvpn-[client,server]@<profile-name>.service
  4. Start the service:
    # systemctl start openvpn-[client,server]@<profile-name>.service
  5. Check service status:
    # systemctl status openvpn-[client,server]@<profile-name>.service
  6. Profit.